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Corporate Compliance Law

Turn to our law office when your Washington, DC-based company needs due diligence services or to develop a compliance program. No firm is more adept or experienced in establishing corporate compliance programs for companies operating in expeditionary and contingency areas than McCahon Law. We create a customized model that is designed for your company.

Sam McCahon has extensive experience living in the Middle East and establishing compliance programs that meet or exceed U.S. government expectations. We consider the religious and cultural aspects of the country of performance when tailoring a program. One suspension and debarment official described a program we established as robust, progressive, and the only one of its kind. They even said it was ahead of congressional visions in the Iraq environment.

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The Benefit of a Compliance Program

No singular facet should be more important to a company than an effective compliance program. Indeed, it should be the foundation upon which a company is constructed. There are a number of benefits that flow from a robust corporate compliance program, including adherence to the rule of corporate compliance law and meeting governmental expectations. Perhaps the most compelling reason to establish and maintain a robust program is that it makes business sense to do so.

The amount of money a company invests in a corporate compliance program pales by comparison to the risk mitigated and the money saved by the program. It is estimated that companies lose approximately 10% of their revenue through corporate theft. An effective compliance program lessens those losses and facilitates a subculture of obedience. It may also serve to mitigate the risks of criminal prosecution in the event of culpability on behalf of an individual employee or contractor.

The Risk of Not Having One

Often times the driver for a compliance program is found in government mandates. For instance, the U.S. government mandates contractors to have a viable corporate compliance program that meets or exceeds the requirements identified in the Close the Contractor Fraud Loophole Act of 2008, and its implementing federal acquisition regulations. The exception for contractors operating overseas no longer exists. The absence of a compliance program is considered a present responsibility issue and may result in the administrative actions of suspension or debarment in the event of misconduct. For more information, please email us.